Re: Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade

The reason I posted this video is just to show the original video poster, and everyone else that his video can be replicated. I would love to get video responses from everyone else trying this experiment as well.

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  1. Did you attach the quarter to the card with an adhesive/sticky tape?

    Please don't abuse the term anti-gravity; what you have achieved (assuming it's not a trick using a fine string) is microwave levitation.

    Several years ago in Popular Mechanics, an article was shown about an Engineer experimenting with microwave levitation to lift space craft into orbit.

  2. I agree, it's using a form of microwave levitation; the cell 'phone is the microwave energy generator, and the other parts function as microwave resonators to produce the Lorentz force on the quarter/card combination.

    He doesn't make it clear if the coin is attached to the card with an adhesive?

  3. True anti-gravity IMHO may not require a base of some sort; here a CD and two AA batteries are used as a base.

    True anti-gravity would require the conversion of energy into a force that would oppose gravity, and the experimental equipment should lift itself off any kind of surface; soil, sand, grass, cement, indoor flooring, which has not been tampered with.

    So far nobody's yet demonstrated a true anti-gravity device.

  4. … of the microwave spectrum), and the CD, Pepsi can and possibly the AA batteries may operate as microwave resonance components. This explains why the experimenter took time to figure out how to get the levitation to work; he had to get the distances right for resonance to occur.

  5. AA 1.5V Batteries by themselves would not generate enough energy to ionize the air. Ionization of air occurs at 3 million Volts per meter; I don't see how 1.5V batteries can ionize air and there is no evidence that a voltage multiplier is in use; also the batteries don't have wires thick enough to carry enough current visible.

    I agree it's not really anti-gravity. It's a form of microwave levitation. The Cell 'phone generates the microwave energy (cell 'phones operate in the microwave range …

  6. NOT FUCKING ANTI-GRAVITY. This is due to electromagnetic induction and the LORENTZ force… The EM waves from the cell cause an alternating current in the CD…. This in turn produces a changing magnetic field which in turn induces a secondary current in the COIN in the opposite direction as the initial current thus inducing its own magnetic field that OPPOSES the original magnetic field. The opposing magnetic fields have a magnetic force component orthogonal to them. That's what lifts the coin.

  7. The cool thing about this "experiment" is that the card really is lifting without strings. But IT'S NOT ANTIGRAVITY!!! The batteries created a wave of electrons that ionized the air molecules effectively creating THRUST on the card. The quarter is just there to stabilize it . It's not magic or strings people, its physics.

    Props for a cool trick though

  8. This is not anti gravity, this is clearly using an electromagnetic force to BALANCE the force of gravity..
    In physical cosmology, astronomy and celestial mechanics, anti-gravity is the idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. It does not refer to the lack of weight under gravity experienced in free fall or orbit, nor to balancing the force of gravity with some other force, such as electromagnetism or aerodynamic lift.

  9. So if you obtained 1g of gravity with your device you would leave this planet very very quickly indeed and would not be able to come back. So I do recommend caution . Try firstly by spinning a big magnet faster and faster till you get levitation and then faster till you get flight say about 1/10g because we do not want to leave the planet without a way of getting back do we

  10. The 1st law of magnetism is Opposites Attract and Likes Repel, now what does the earth do. The earth spins 1 revolution every 24 hours, now if we use Einstein's theory of E = MV squared we can work out how fast we need to spin a magnet to obtain 1g. Or get your self a big magnet and start spinning it till you start to levitate. Do try to remember that North and South on a set of magnets do attract and very quickly the same applies to like poles they separate very quickly also.

  11. Hi guys the reason you can not make antigravity is because it does nit exist. you need to understand gravity, gravity is a pushing force and if you want to push away from it you need to produce gravity. Ok don't all snap at once just here me out. we are learning about gravity from our planet right. Then we need to know what makes gravity so we can reproduce it , correct. Ok our planet is a big spinning magnet right. And the 1st law of magnetism is what?

  12. @UnderManiac What about CoralCastle? Look into the explanation – makes a lot of sense to me.
    I am surely educated and understanding in the realm of physics and other sciences – surprised many thoughout my educational path – look into electromagnetics – fields – prime-numbers …. {(;-)>

  13. @UnderManiac Besides the typo – you have NOT in any way shape or form disproven tesla/hutchinson´s anti-gravity-effects – on the base of nuclear electromagnetism or any kind of logical scientific argument. Just quoting "Einstein" and knowing his most famous formula (which is just "relatively" true!) does NOT make you a scientist or support your claim in any way"!

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