Meal Prep || HOMEMADE COOKIES || Breakfast Cushions

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9 thoughts on “Meal Prep || HOMEMADE COOKIES || Breakfast Cushions

  1. Yum!!! I have a cookie video scheduled to go live in a couple of weeks too! Home made cookies are so freaking good. I had a store bought Reese's chewy cookie and was so disappointed in it! I have one of those baggie clips and have a love hate relationship with it. I like the concept but if I'm too rough the bag falls off. Maybe I need to try your little fold over trick! Does that help it not fall off? Who needs therapy when you've got ground meat meal prep? 😂 The little roll ups look good! I'd do turkey and cheese but that with the eggs look super yummy! If you wanted to remove the pattern from the containers I'm sure some acetone/nail polish remover would do the trick if it isn't raised.

  2. We bought 9-10 rolls of that hamburger when it was on sale at Kroger last week (we got a 15 year old who LOVES to eat 😭)! We also bought some chicken breast at Aldi and cut them into tenders, and after portioning everything (one pound portions for the ground beef, 3-5 chicken tenders) he used his food saver to seal them up and voila, into the Freezers they went! Also bought some fresh green beans and threw them into the freezer.

  3. Just a little tip even you spray your cookie sheet with oil it makes your cookies get real brown on the bottom. I don't spray mine and I never have a problem with them sticking. Cookies usually have enough oil/butter to keep them from sticking which cooks out a little but while cooking. I would like to try that cookie recipe though

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