Making Homemade Baby Food

I go through how I make my baby’s purees. My baby girl is only 5 months old, and she doesn’t have any teeth yet, so she cannot eat solid food. So, I blend her up some purees. Honestly, it is so easy to make your own baby food. It’s literally the same reciepe for each food item: steam, blend, serve. Sometimes, depending on the food, you don’t even have to steam it before hand. Food prep is not as hard as it seems! I only make Claire baby food about once a week. I save so much money making my own baby food, and I also have the peace of mind knowing exactly what is going in my daughter’s tummy.

I make these videos primarily for my husband, so he can see our daughter grow.

27 thoughts on “Making Homemade Baby Food

  1. The star of the show CLAIRE she's been so chubby……. Lots of love for her…… Now she's enjoying to be more frank and social….. Love the way she is smiling, cuddling and laughing.. God bless @bunny @kittie

  2. Hello Kathrine and cute big baby Claire. Happy that she has no tantrumps. But it's normal for a baby to have that attitude. As she smile and laughed it really melt me looking at her. She is smart baby and very attentive while you are talking. She really need to be sun bath 6 am to 8. Hope you can share more videos and I really miss it. Thanks for these videos.

  3. Maybe Claire has the most adorable laugh may God bless you and your whole family and I'm praying for you to be able to see your husband soon I cried when you got upset God's watching over you guys your baby girl is getting so big when are you going back to school I think you're going to make an excellent nurse I live here in Florida and I have to go to the hospital a lot so maybe you'll be my nurse one day have a blessed day kisses to Claire

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