Making a homemade Crossbow – part 3

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29 thoughts on “Making a homemade Crossbow – part 3

  1. no its just like if you had a homemade bow(be at least 18/with adult supervision), unless your state has some different laws than Florida…but i still wouldn't flaunt in front of the cops

  2. thats really nice and dont worry about having to have to use only aluminum because it is a very soft metal, looks nice and very easy to work with compared to other metals

  3. You need a milling machine to make a Picatinny rail for the scope.

    This X-bow is going to kick ass Mike, I can't wait to see you shoot the finished product.

  4. Looking good, Mike! Along with the dark gloss varnish, imagine them side plates in polished Brass! That would look killer! Intrested to see what you do with the bow end!

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