How to Make Butter at Home SUPER EASY with Ninja / Homemade Butter

After trying several other contraptions, I have found that using my Ninja was the easiest, fastest and cleanest way to make homemade butter. The spaced Ninja Blades thoroughly incorporates the water into the Butter and gets it really clean! Clean butter lasts longer!

29 thoughts on “How to Make Butter at Home SUPER EASY with Ninja / Homemade Butter

  1. I know this is an old video… but I have watch so many different ways and OMG this is by far my favorite and the most simple way of making butter. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Where I come from it is called double cream, now double cream is made from milk and butter, you can actually buy a cream maker ( and make your own double cream by mixing and squeezing milk and butter, all you are doing is separating what has already been artificially mixed, the only way to get pure butter is from fresh milk directly from the cow!!!

  3. I know this is an old video but i started looking for videos on making mayonnaise and switched over to watching videos on making butter. All the time wondering if either would work in my Ninja. Your video was perfect, thank you!

  4. This is fantastic!!! I love my Ninja!! I have 2 because 1 was for me and one was for my business.

    Question: one of my motors gets hot and smells like it is burning. Do you know how to get the motor replaced?

  5. I would like to add 1 last step to remove any reminants of water by simply adding 1 step of placing into a cheesecloth, and giving it a few good squeezes before putting it in your choice of container. Great video, very well done.

  6. I was given a Ninja Pro System 1100 by a friend that had to downsize her home. Can't wait to make my own butter. Can the home made butter be stored in the freezer?

  7. I watch other videos and was wondering why they didn't rinse with water to get rid of the buttermilk, because they all say the butter milk won't last long. Nice job

  8. Hi, this instructional vid is the best and simplest way to make butter. Your instructions are so smooth and sharp like the good ole butter you have made. I get tips as well like age of heavy cream, seasoning, extra uses of Ninja, etc. Thank you.

  9. I am going to try this I love real home made butter!! I have this same appliance somewhere I’ll half to dig it out!! Great video!! are you rinsing to get if the buttermilk type of stuff out the whey?

  10. Thanks for your video
    What is the number of your Ninja, what kind of the Ninja?
    I can not find it on the market.
    Will you tell us from where you got bought it, and how much power watt it has?

  11. Yours is the easiest way to make butter, & salting it and Cleaning it from the Buttermilk..Thanks, Ill use my Ninja. & Yes those blades are treacherous.

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