How To Make a Homemade Topwater Fishing Lure

SUBSCRIBE PLEASE Hey YouTube, this is a video on how to make a fishing lure, I use some basic techniques.
heres what i used
any wood i have laying around
a wood lathe
small eye screws
split rings
any paint
2 ton epoxy (not 5 minute epoxy)
treble hooks

34 thoughts on “How To Make a Homemade Topwater Fishing Lure

  1. Hey dude! Love your videos! 2 questions:
    1: Could you do a movie were you could show us fishing with you homade lures??
    2: Where do you buy the eye-screws?
    I've just started making my own lures, but im only 13, so i use what i can find around (wood and so on…)…

  2. I made a spook today, it's a lot bigger though, oh and did I mention i made it with just a knife and sand paper? Really wished I had those machine things I colored it red head because I heard it's hot for stripers

  3. Very nice work, how much do you charge for something like that ? I own a sports shop and I mite be interested in selling them. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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