Hot and Spicy | Homemade Spicy, Crispy, Chicken Strips

Spicy and crispy chicken strips, with a Memphis sauce mixed with some Goch & Co Naga Chilli sauce

Goch & Company:

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  1. I can't eat fried chicken of any sort because I'm allergic to poultry. But…I follow a couple of YouTubers who travel the world eating and making videos. They proclaim Korean Fried Chicken to be the best there is worldwide. Here's a very promising looking recipe. The secret seems to be double frying (the same thing works for French fries.) One of these recipes said that this type of chicken pairs exceptionally well with beer. Right then I thought to myself, Paul needs to know about this.

  2. I'm in central Florida getting ready for hurricaine Dorian, sat down to relax and watched your video. Thought to myself, well I was trying to figure out what to make with all my thawed chicken. Well, I'm stealing your recipe and serving it to my family. We are calling them Hurricaine Dippers. Thanks so much, they are delish!

  3. Hi,
    I'm going to try this recipe, the chicken strips look very good. What amounts for the cayenne, chilli and paprika and bone sucking sauce/powder ? Is it best to use the powder?
    Many Thanks..

  4. Plopped some Flour!!!!My goodness wouldn't hear Heston Marc Blumenthal saying that when Measuring his ingredients!!!!Ha,ha.,Even so Paul they look Delicious.😋Yummy.xx.

  5. H&S perfection Paul👍 Celery with Ranch dip goes good with meals like this, of course cold brew included. My son will be doing all the cooking for a while, I'm having knee replacement surgery in a week and he's coming to help me out after. He's also a competition BBQ champ so that's a plus as well👌 Great video again. Enjoy!

  6. Great H&S Paul. If anything these vids don't go on long enough, having hot spicey wings with garlic&cheese pizza bread. Will be spicing up the pizza baby. Thanx's again for the Saturday vid mate. Take care see you tomorrow my friend:-)

  7. Been a good week Paul, went out for that walk I told you about when I spoke with you, the video has been up, did some organ playing in my Church, and went to Cardiff today too.

  8. Todd is one of the Nicest people I have ever had a chance to correspond with.
    I made him a brush or two and He was just So pleasant to deal with.

  9. Evening. Always look forward to your productions, really enjoy. Saw you walking towards where I live at Pennant Farm this week, tried to stop and chat but the wife was moaning at the time. Keep up the good work.

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