Homemade Table Saw Fence System | Easy Simple New Style

In this video you will see how I created the easiest, steadiest, strongest fully functional homemade table saw fence system. It’s really simple and I think that anyone can build it, in no time!
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Homemade Table Saw Fence Mechanism (v.1)

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(Constructions & Installations)

42 thoughts on “Homemade Table Saw Fence System | Easy Simple New Style

  1. Nice build! Now of coarse I see how the fence is clamped on your end,but how were you going to clamp the other end of the fence?
    Would that not cause a dangerous scenario without the other end of your fence also being fixed in place especially if you ran wood of considerable length. Because you'll be pushing the wood against the fence as you cut,and if the fence started to move at the opposite end wouldn't it start to bind at the blade? Perhaps causing a kickback. js

  2. Great build and really great video editing! I’m not fond of videos that show everything in real time, start to finish, and include non-stop rambling about every thought that goes through their heads. You, on the other hand, created a perfect video!! Step by step, materials cut, graphics for assembly clarity and a very pleasant job of narration in voice over. Outstanding! I subscribed and I hit the bell. I look forward to following your projects.

  3. You are so creative. How do you come up with these ideas? What program do you use to draw your projects and how did you learn its intricacies? Was there a set of videos or classes that helped you learn how to draw, create and then use it to show the individual steps using red to show pieces etc.? You do such a good job of explaining and showing how to re-create your projects that anyone who needs the project could make their own.

  4. This must be the most comprehensive and detailed explanation of how a project was completed ,very clear and concise instructions, this will be very easy to follow good job Elias

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