Homemade Steakums & Sauteed Red Onions on a bun with a side of buttery Broccoli!!

How to make homemade Steakumms using thin sliced Bottom Round Steak, and Sauteed Red Onions, drizzled with Peggie’s Au Jus, served on an Onion Bun and buttery Broccoli!!!!! #Comeonin!

38 thoughts on “Homemade Steakums & Sauteed Red Onions on a bun with a side of buttery Broccoli!!

  1. Your hands are made of steel. 🙂 pouring the HOT Au jus from the spoon onto the cup of your hand to taste? I am impressed.
    And, for those snobs who say you need a fancy kitchen with expensive stoves, pots, electronics, … take a lesson from this CHEF.

  2. This video made my day!!!! I enjoy this video and I’ll be here waiting what other goodies you have for us that you will be making next!!!! Thanks for this post ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi Mama Peggy!!! You should have a restaurant or catering business.
    I tell you everything you cook looks so delicious and you can tell you love cooking.🤗❤❤

  4. My mom used to make something similar with this type steak. She would marinate and fry with onions and bell pepper. She would then transfer into a baking dish and add a can of cream of mushroom soup and let it cook on low heat until (oven or top stove) for about 15 minutes to let all ingredients saturate. She would serve over white rice or mash potatoes. I cook this for my family now. They love it.

  5. My, my, my. I can actually taste this. So amazing. You are such a great cook. Thanks for sharing your recipes with your viewers. Yes, I will keep those prayers going up and God will send those blessings down. I am a witness. Have a great weekend!

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