Homemade Smoke Screen: Will it work? What could go WRONG?!?

We’ve all seen it before: a car chase is going down in a spy film. The driver hits a sneaky switch. Shoots out a plume of smoke, and gets away. So we see if that actually works… except we’re not a secret government agency building cars. We’re Hoonigan. It goes exactly how you think it would.

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32 thoughts on “Homemade Smoke Screen: Will it work? What could go WRONG?!?

  1. What about that signature ford fuel pump inertia switch y'all most likely tripped by bumping the ass end playing? Could that be why it wouldn't turn over🤔 or was it the washer fluid oil y'all hadn't even pumped yet?

  2. semoga hapy always forever team hoonigan maan,amiin sory kalau kadol omponk udah gak sopan sama kalian teman,salam manis damai selalu from indonesia thank you atas video nya semoga tuhan membalas kebaikan anda dalam otomotip mobil balap nya amiin.

  3. This was a good idea video but the execution was really disappointing. I was really looking forward to the oil method and it got scratched.. maybe try setting it up to drip into the exhaust so you don’t kill the engine

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