Homemade Shotgun Goes Hunting

Took the homemade shotgun squirrel hunting. 2 shots 2 squirrels. hope you enjoy the video.

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10 thoughts on “Homemade Shotgun Goes Hunting

  1. Instead of duct tape, I just hit mine with a hammer, to make the barrel very slightly out of round (oval). Holds nicely. Easy in and out, with just a bit of tension.

  2. Hey. Awesome video and great gun build. I noticed you taped around the shells to stop them from moving when your walking but have you tried using a thin scotch tape over the back of the shell taping it to the barrel? You might have tried this already but I thought I would just mention it to see if it could help. Keep up the good videos.

  3. This shotgun seems to be useful, but I would change the safety lock method. Instead of drilled hole and this screw, which does not look like 100% safe to me and need to be operated with right hand which is also time-consuming I'd rather put somehow a 1" thick piece of wood between wooden grip on the barrel and another part of… wooden stock (?). I hope You know what i mean, just to block the ability to move barrel down and knock firing pin. Don't know yet exactly how to keep this "blocker" secure in place, but it should be able to be easy moved or even completly removed with left hand (like push or pull out with little finger while whole left palm held on grip under barrel?).

  4. Tree chickens are great eating! With that shotgun's size, a little larger emerg. bag might be the ticket. Have you thought of building a .410 or 20 ga. size? We know the 12 ga. will handle a slug. Would be interesting to see how smaller calibers would do. Good job bud.

  5. I call my emergency bag my magic bag… Wow, 91 subscribers! it is a wonder, since you were squirrel hunting, that you didn't have to shoo the deer away… Your squirrels make Florida squirrels look like runts. Are you going to show us the cooked squirrels?

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