Homemade Rifle (NO WELDING) just basic hand tools.

So I had a viewer ask if it was possible to build a gun without using a welder. In this video just basic hand tools are used for this gun, and I was surprised how it turned out. thanks for watching. if you would like to support my channel and the work I do here is the link to my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/akcustom

36 thoughts on “Homemade Rifle (NO WELDING) just basic hand tools.

  1. Wow think you for show me that is possible to make a gun with out welding it but at the same time this is scary becase i bet criminals at prison can make a gun without a welder then its a matter of the thugs getting the ammo scary so so scary : ( god help us all

  2. To build my .22 lr rifle, I used mild plate steel for the body, trigger, and hammer, and I put a steel pipe on the body for the barrel. I only used an angle grinder( which I could have not used), a metal hacksaw, screwdrivers and an electric cord drill. Thats all the tools I used.

  3. Why bother with iron sights when the barrel can be turned? That front sight will always be off shot to shot. Scope is a good idea though

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