Homemade Natural Shoes! Leather, Latex, Wool and Brass!

Homemade shoes are fantastic and SO comfortable! Natural handmade shoes feel so much better than petroleum-based shoes. Check out these minimalist shoes/sandals that have a soft flat sole made out of all natural materials! They’re great shoes for barefoot walking!

I make my natural shoes out of leather, natural latex rubber, wool felt, and brass buckles. Leather lasts a long time and is super durable. Latex rubber flexes, and you can feel the ground like barefoot walking. Wool felt holds the latex together like rebar and is super strong. Brass buckles will last forever and never wear out like velcro. You’ll LOVE these homemade shoes!

If you are seeking minimalist shoes or sandals for earthing or barefoot walking, then these barefooting sandals would be perfect for you! When walking on rocks, sticks, or logs, you can really FEEL the natural elements below your feet.

Learn how to make homemade shoes by watching this fantastic video! You will see how to make shoe soles by using wool felt and natural rubber. You just poor the latex all over the felt and paint it in until the material is completely saturated with rubber. This rubber is incredible for barefoot walking!

Here is another great video to watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox9TRFdto0I

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  1. Are these woolen soles taken from matresses ? have you felt it yourself 🙂
    It is not easy to know the best materials for a project. Congrats Brett

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