Homemade metal bending tools

Homemade metal bending tools. I use these metal benders to make handmade horse bits. Maybe this video will give you an idea so you can make a bender for your metal working projects. I use heat to prepare the round rod for bending as you can see in the video and it works for me just fine. I made these metal benders many years ago and they still work great today.
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9 thoughts on “Homemade metal bending tools

  1. No point in heating that. Just get a better drill, or switch the threaded rod and nut to a fine thread and oil the threads. Its a waste of gas heating that.

  2. watched this and the first thing that hit me was I have the exacts same drill in the same shape, tape bearring noise and all. My pops gave it to me years ago and my earliest memories of him working he had it. Thanks for the post.

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