Homemade Kayak Livewell Tutorial

How I built it, and what you’ll need to know to design your own.

Parts I used include;
Tsunami 500 Recirq Livewell Aerator Kit
3/4 Reinforced Braided Vinyl Tubing
Igloo 9-Qt Cooler
Autocraft Lithium Power Sport Battery (not the best)
Forespar Marelon Thru-hull fittings
Various plumbing from Lowes
L-Port valve from Ebay
An old Spackle bucket
5200 Marine Adhesive
100% Silicone
My left thumbnail
An old lamp cord
Shrink Tubing
Waterproof Spst Toggle Switch
Tupperware Box for the battery
Old plexiglass
A little paint…

If you think I’m forgetting something or you have a question, leave a comment or look me up on Facebook at

You can see the rest of this kayak at

22 thoughts on “Homemade Kayak Livewell Tutorial

  1. Hey there Zoffinger.  I thank you so much for your ingenuity.  It blows me away.  I am building my own live bait well and having a blast with it.  My initial bummer was I bought a regular bilge pump with a bottom strainer because my thought was to use it as flood control on my kayak.  my solution was to introduce water into my kayak into a water "proof" box so my pump can have water always there and pump it into my live well which has a return line as well as an overflow both of which come up just under my seat and come up around it.  I plan on placing my main inlet thru hull fitting in the best location possible, perhaps low on the side of the hull instead of the bottom.  Am utilizing your L-port fitting idea on diverting between hull intake and recirculation of water only during transport.   Using lots of hose, but that's okay.  Getting a thermometer to make sure water temp is good for my guppies.  Live bait should net me much better fishing results out here in the Pacific.  Thanks again for your inspiring videos.

  2. I would only use the Bilge pump as long as the water is splashing for (air)oxygen for your fish I my self would try a net with a draw cord in the water this is lighter for myself .?

  3. Hey Marty gotta come up and fish in your area,maybe make a long weekend out of it and camp out on goat island.How far are you from Homestead (hrs and miles please) in s.fla?????? How crowded is the area on weekends,will it be worth the trip? I like to fish when it's quiet you know just nature and me,time to not think bout nothin,just enjoy how nice it is to be there at the moment on the water.

  4. What an awesome way to have designed a livewell for your kayak,it's one of the best DYI PROJECT if not the best one I've seen in my opinion!!!!!!!! I especially like the rounded corners and the adjustable water level,you da man!!!!!!! Keep up the great work.What type of battery do you use?

  5. Hey I just want to say this live well build is the best I've seen for a kayak. Great job!! I am going to follow your design to customize one for my Sun Dolphin Boss 12 SS. I do have a question tho. What is this mesh strainer before the pump and where did you get it from??? Please and thank you for your videos and knowledge!!!

  6. Put a simple marble and o ring pvc check valve. That way one prime and it stays primed. And why not put a Tee in the pump discharge line to send the oxygenated water in all at the same time?

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