Me and Mike are gonna attempt to make a Hit and Miss Flywheel Engine out of a 1951 6S Briggs and Stratton Engine

45 thoughts on “HOMEMADE HIT & MISS BRIGGS PROJECT (part 7)

  1. ok, so….wait! A hit and miss engine governs itself to a certain RPM by opening the exhaust valve and dumping unburned fuel-air mix out with the exhaust above pre-mentioned RPMs??? I thought it grounded the spark at a certain RPM….Learn something everyday I guess.

  2. Yes, it looks like this is proving to be a complex project!
    I thought about moving the exhaust tappet 180 degress to be on the bottom of the engine, then using a rocker arm system with an interrupter to make it a hit and miss, but I never got beyond the concept phase with it 🙂
    Take care.

  3. Snappin Turtles, you guys sure are building quite the project here!!!
    I thought of doing this over the years, but it sure isn't suited to do it on a flathead engine, like the old Briggs!
    Good luck, hope it works well for you 🙂

  4. You guys are really going all out on the little hit miss!! I've seen others where next to nothing was machined for them and they ran off a buzz box and flywheels with a spring governor for the spark, much like a Maytag model 92. This is truly a work of art you guys are building. Zippo Approved!! lol Cheers Bro!

  5. On a hit miss the intake valve doesn't have a push rod, it opens from vacuum. So by disabling the exhaust valve you are disabling both valves. It's just the best way to help the flywheels coast easier!!☺

  6. Hey guys, RoadKing, give Mike some credit in the video eh? lol Question: why doesn't the intake get disabled instead of the exhaust… in the name of fuel savings I guess? I'm a noob…. please forgive me! lol

  7. looks good will there be a cover over the gear coming off from the cam shaft. if you put oil in the engine and run it oil might come out of that hole. you guys thing of the neetest stuff. big fan of the briggs 2 cylinder

  8. Actually the aluminum top piece holding the balls moves, that's the spring tensioner!! We'll have to do a little trial and error to find the proper spring, we'd like to keep that piece as high up as possible!! I like the way you think Fox, we're on the same page!!☺

  9. Thanks Sol !! There are no plans, ya gotta figure it out as you go!! If you don't have a lathe, milling machine, torch set, good welding machine!! And if aren't an excellent machinist you won't have much luck!! But good luck Bud!!☺

  10. Hey Mike Roadking, what about adding a tension adjustment for that governor spring? Just to add some versatility. Or do you think that's not necessary.

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