Homemade Eggnog

http://creativecookingcorner.com/eggnog-homemade-recipe Homemade Eggnog recipe visit our website for the ingredients and all the recipe information. Sure hope you enjoy my Homemade Eggnog! Who doesn’t love eggnog this time to year. I made the Eggnog Homemade so that I could make a Starbuck’s Eggnog Latte at home here’s the recipe http://creativecookingcorner.com/Eggnog-latte-recipe.

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Karriann Graf with Creative Cooking Corner. Today we’re going to make an homemade eggnog. I found the recipe on Cook’s Illustrated and I thought it would be great to share just in time for the holidays.

So we’re going to start by adding our eggs. I’m going to add my egg yolk. I’m going to add sugar. I’m going to add just a little bit of salt. I’m going to whisk this together. Now I’m going to add our milk in half cup increments. Then I’m going to stir this really well while I’m incorporating the two cups of milk. Once I have all the milk combined in the eggs, I’m then going to put it on the stove for about 20-30 minutes while it thickens.

Okay, so I’m still stirring and I’m going to check the temperature right now with my instant thermometer. The reason I’m doing two separate bowls is because I’m going to do one bowl for non-alcoholic eggnog and the other bowl I’m going to add some dark rum to it. So I ground this fresh nutmeg and I’m going to sprinkle it in here. I just wanted to add a little extra. Okay, so I’m going to add the dark rum to the one eggnog. I’m going to add some vanilla extract. Now I’m going to whisk in the nutmeg and the dark rum and the vanilla. I’m going to put the custard in the refrigerator and once they’re cool we’ll incorporate our heavy whipping cream.

Okay, so we’re here to finish up our homemade eggnog and I’ve my mixing bowl in the freezer to make it very cold because we’re going to make some homemade whipped cream. Okay, so I’ve just added the heavy whipping cream and I’m going to turn the mixer on high. We’re just doing this until soft peaks develop. So now let’s add this in. I’m using this whisk because it had a little bit of whip cream on the bottom of it. And now it’s ready to serve!

So we’re going to put it in one of my coffee mugs. I’m just going to top it off with some fresh ground nutmeg. Here’s my homemade eggnog. Let’s give it a try! Very nice! This is Karriann Graf with Creative Cooking Corner. You know what to do! If you enjoyed my video, be sure to re-Twit it, share it on Facebook. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below. Bye for now!

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  1. @CreativeCookingCornr I know I was actually telling cruisinaltitude the comment they left seemed to leave the idea they did not know sugar was added. thank you great reciepe I like the no alcohol one

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