Homemade Drag grader

This is the first test of my homemade drag grader. It’s built from 3″x1.5″ Channel Iron. It has 2 4′ angled blades and a retractable Rake. the skids are 6′ long. The tongue pins up to allow for towing over lawns or to and from the work site. I will be adding some baskets for additional weight on the front and middle of the drag. Over all it was a very successful test. Took about 20-30 minutes to grade approximately 1/8 of a mile and another 10-15 to recompact the road with the truck. I’m going to add an ajustment handle for the front screw jack that brings it out to the side of the drag making it easier to adjust the depth of the rake.

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  1. I was looking for ideas on how people were making these and this doesn't look too bad, but you should have turned the scissor jack so you could use the handle easier. It would do the same job, you made it harder on yourself

  2. Hi, great tool!! I have some questions if you don't mind. Do the angled blades make it slew to one side or does it still track straight? Also have you updated this with extra weight as yet? All these years later, how is it holding up? Many thanks, from Australia

  3. If you add a 55 gallon drum to the center or a little forward of the center you can fill it up with water to use for a weight.
    After you level the road you can use the water in the drum to knock down the dust and find soft spots that would settle after a rain.

  4. I like it; what is keeping front from digging in? It looks like the steel runners left and right are touching the ground? Is the blade at same level as side runners? 

  5. Thank you for the comments. Glad you like the build. I now use weights on the front and a ratchet to lift and lower the rake. The weights helped a lot. Now all I need is an atv with low great and I'm set.

  6. If you lift it, you got to pack it, to make it stay flat. But you CAN"T rip up the loose dirt and rocks, level the loose material, and pack it down on the same platform BECAUSE ripping off hills to make loose material makes your whole rig Bounce. Ripping off the washboard hills or high rocks must be separate from leveling and packing.

  7. If you slowed down your speed a bit, it would be more effective. Over a certain speed. it just bounces all over the place. If you watch actual graders working, they go SLOW

  8. at the beginning, i estimated the frame to be about 20 feet long and very heavy-duty…then buddy gets off the quad and adjusts the teeth…either he is 30 feet tall, or its a smaller frame than i thought 🙂

  9. I came across your video on the welding forum (didn't bother posting there cause you have to become a member) Anyway congrats on your successful drag grader.
    What I couldn't believe was all the naysayers that said the ONLY way to level your lane was with a D9 Cat with rippers. I'm glad you persevered and built your grader the way you thought best. Yes it could probably use some refinements and so could mine but it's extremely effective for the price. By the way my drive was very hard packed.

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