21 thoughts on “Homemade Dowel Jig

  1. Way to go, how simple is that.  Thank you, would have to be the easiest way to overcome misaligned holes, when not having the benefit of more expensive tools for this purpose…

  2.   In a block of wood insert  drill guide inserts which are available on the internet.  Those inserts come in different sizes including 3/8 available in many online stores like Lee Valley.   You make your own dedicated  jigs with those inserts for the particular project you are doing.  I have made long wooden bars with drill guide inserts (similar to Joint Genie)  to drill for shelving.

  3. Taking with a nail is inaccurate due to the irregularity of the wood. To solve this problem, glue two pieces of wood, one on each side of the wood – or use a c-clamp. It should now look like a traditional jig. Finally, clamp the jig onto what you are drilling.

  4. Having tried this, its maybe a bit misleading to suggest its a cheaper option than a proprietary jig for the diy-er, unless you already have a pillar drill. The holes in the jig have to be EXACTLY vertical, which would require use of a pillar drill. Dowel jig cost £16 on Amazon, pillar drill cost from around £100 upwards.

  5. I used .69 cent brass guides. !/4 inch ID. man it works awesome. tagged on a plastic side, with center mark. as good as $50.00 units. needed it for some window jamb extensions when nothing else could work..only had 7/8 inch of space.. really is accurate..

  6. Instead of nailing the jig to the piece, have you tried clamping it to the piece instead? Great video! Will make one of my own using brass bushings for the jig holes. Thanks for the great idea.

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