Homemade Dog Food for Yorkies Recipe

Proper nutrition is important when caring for any dog, but it’s especially crucial for very small breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier. Full recipe here: http://topdogtips.com/homemade-dog-food-for-yorkies-recipe

Truth be told, they’re a difficult breed to feed. But, this homemade dog food for Yorkies recipe will provide your terrier with the nutrition his small body requires.

“First, you’ll need to pulverize the veggies in a food processor or chop them by hand. As you can see, I chose to use sweet potato, broccoli and kale. You can use any dog-friendly vegetables you have on hand. Possible substitutions include pumpkin, green beans, carrots or peas.”

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43 thoughts on “Homemade Dog Food for Yorkies Recipe

  1. My yorkie has been eating same fish based hard food for 4 years now. But lately he has been licking his one paw and i read it could be not enough meat intake. Or it could also be allergies . I’m considering blending in some meat into his food.

  2. The small amount of garlic sometimes found in dog treats is unlikely to be harmful to dogs. However, if cats or dogs ingest a tasty pan of sautéed onions, garlic, or leeks, poisoning may result. The ingestion of large numbers of garlic pills or powder may also cause poisoning.

  3. Everyone is saying that garlic is bad for dogs, but do you know what is in the dog food you buy from your store! Are there studies out there that prove that garlic is toxic for dogs? I swear no one will do their own research but take the word of another person just because they said it.

  4. Hello, I’m considering buying a Yorkie and live on a boat. I plan on buying a lot of canned food to have on-board for longer trips. Could you tell me what canned foods are best for a yorkies diet? Thank you

  5. Thank you for this video recipe. Sincerely. I am trying to get my yorkie's weight up 1-2 lbs without commercial garbage. I feel this is the answered prayer.

  6. And for all complaining about the cat lol yes it's gross but she is cooking for her dog so I'm sure that's why its not a big deal right now. Everyone is just so quick to judge and post something negative!

  7. Why even add garlic? Aside from the fact that it’s not good for dogs to eat. You shouldn’t be okay that this video is on the Internet. People will use this recipe and harm their animal

  8. If you are going to make a homemade Yorkie food recipe video, you should include a few words of the benefits of each ingredient. What you did was throw everything in the pot type stews and cooked out all the nutritional value of all the vegetables and greens. All the meat should have been cooked in a different pot, the fish cooked separately too. All the vegetables and greens in another pot, this insures that everything is cooked properly, and then mix it all together. You never said how to preserve it nor how long will it keep fresh. It was a good idea just badly executed. Good luck next time

  9. Garlic and onion aware extremely toxic to dogs!! Do not feed them this. I have been studying to be a vet for 3 years and there are so many cases of dogs dying because of garlic

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  11. Hmmmmm… Our vet said dogs cannot digest turkey and in particular, small dogs. She says that's one of the biggest mistakes pet owners make and when I spoke with her about making our baby's food she said that turkey and pork should NOT be given to Yorkies. You might want to check with yours if you haven't already. Other than that, fantastic recipe! Thank you for taking time to make it!

  12. Here’s a recipe i used for my dog that works really well, they are so much healthier now!

    sweet potato
    Cooked unseasoned chicken
    Brown rice (or white whichever you prefer)
    Turmeric (i just eyeball it depending on how much i make)

    just mix that together! works great for my dogs. And it doesn’t hurt to throw an occasional egg shell in there for some calcium 😉

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