Can I make a homemade key?

Something a bit different this week.
I got this padlock without a key at a yard sale.
I’m going to try and make one, just for the challenge of it.

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This isn’t the only way to do it.
It’s probably not the best way to do it.

But it’s how I do it.

20 thoughts on “Can I make a homemade key?

  1. omg, blow torch and beer! warm beer – yuck! lol, great video as always! i love the variety of your videos, keep them coming! many thanks from rainy Ontario!

  2. Great video. Have you considered 3d printing a blank? I know I’ve come across Weiser and Quikset blanks on thingiverse so I’m assuming that it’s viable. If you could figure out the cutting depths you could possibly even design a “cut” key.

  3. You'd love the lock picking stuff that's been at DefCon (and, I suspect, still is each time). I got lucky in that we live above what was a hardware store that has since closed up, I managed to score the entirety of the blanks that he had left at the end, though I didn't realize that he tossed the copier/cutter into the scrap bin or I'd have grabbed that too. Haven't tried what you're doing here yet, but it looks like a fun thing to do on a rainy day.

  4. As for this not being an electronics video, I made the presumption way back when that your videos would just be a pile of stuff. I am presently struggling with where to put the emphasis however … on the pile or on the stuffs. 🤔

  5. Interesting – lock picking / opening is not something you see very often in the U.K.
    Most locksmiths in the area double as glazers and some are joiners – though you get lots of small stands (maybe 6 foot by 10) that cut keys, repair watches and sell door signs (house names / numbers) as part of a national chain. They are often in major supermarkets but I’m now seeing automated key cutters now – very soon I think watches will have to become disposable as you will not be able to find someone to change the battery or clean them…

    Saying all of that, when we cleared the garage out after my father died mum and I found a set of picks and a crowbar 😳😂. Neither of us knew where the picks came from and going by the grott all over them they had not been used for years!

  6. Out of curiosity could you now get a 'real' key cut from the one you've made or would that be seen as even more dodgy than just asking for a blank?

  7. Absolutely cracking video. Just like the most of us you try a little bit of what interests you. Keep up the good tinkering and also the narrative which is highly amusing. Certainly makes me smile and laugh which is always a good tonic for the day.

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