AMIT PANGHAL's homemade protein powder vs Whey protein powder- Dr. Nikhil Tari 's explanation

Question asked-

“Can we substitute whey protein powder with Amit Panghal’s homemade protein powder? ”

Is it a good formula? – Yes

Is it high in protein? – Yes

Do you recommend this powder? – Yes

Have you tried it yourself? – Yes, and its very good in taste too.

Can it substitute whey? – No

Can it be used regularly? – Yes

30 thoughts on “AMIT PANGHAL's homemade protein powder vs Whey protein powder- Dr. Nikhil Tari 's explanation

  1. Are chutiye sale dhle apne follower or likes ke lye chutiyapa chod rha he whey sasta pdega yhe vo bhisdi ke khud mt bik jana kbhi trp ke lye amit pangal ka video 100 shi the sale hakle

  2. Yeh protein powder khane k baad loose motion hone k chance hai and shilajit biceps ki jagah Lund khada kar sakte hain🤔…no homemade powder can replace whey protein…Dr nikhil is 100% right 😎

  3. Bhai ye bakchodi mat kiya Karo video banane SE pehle uske baare me jaano tum thoda vo whey protein nahi Hai protein Hai sirf samjhe unhone bola begginer level pe le sakte Hain uske baad jruat padegi aapko so just think twice or thrice then take the action😕😕😕

  4. First this powder would be very expensive…heavy on stomach.. Too but how he will complete aminos and other nutrition??whey protein costs cheaper near 50/serving..doing substitute for whey is like.. Replacing Mercedes with maruti 😂😂😂😂

  5. Brother dianabol use Kiya 1 month
    Only 1 tablet 10mg

    Aur m ne gap diye h around 15 days ka

    Kya mein dubara use kar sakta hu dianabol ab

    One more thing IAM type 2 diabetes

  6. Aghe badne ke liye kisi ke nam Sahara le rhe ho to thodi sharm v krlo burai krne me public ko pta hai ki wo why protien nhi hai but public Amit ko like krti hai is liye wo aghe hai or tum pichhe

  7. It has high carbs content and low protein content
    As I think u also know that whey protein has very low carbs as compare to protein content
    Or hn ek or bt …
    Ap Chutia hain

  8. What about biological value of whey protein (which is 104). And what about the carb and fat content that comes in home made formula. Hence the home made will be way caloric dense than whey. Moreover protein coming from home made formula is not first class protein. You cant even compare whey protein to any other forms of protein. Please guys dont misguide a layman.

  9. Amit Panghal dumb hai aur usse bhi dumb uske followers hain..
    usske powder me protein kam fat aur carbs jyada hain, healthy keh sakte hain par protein kehlane layak nahi hai ..

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