$12,000 HOUSE – One Man Renovation

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This video is a culmination of a huge project, both renovating a house and an over 50 video playlist of the project. I bought this house for $12k expecting to do a quick renovation……. almost two years later, it’s now done and rented. While it was slow, I am grateful for the opportunity, proud of the outcome, and glad to have built a community of subscribers that have enjoyed seeing the project. If you enjoyed this video, have a look at the full playlist. Also share the video with others, leave a comment and check out my book. Thank you for watching.

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20 thoughts on “$12,000 HOUSE – One Man Renovation

  1. So how many years did this take. I noticed different ageing expressions and lots of wardrobe changes. As a man of many talents myself, I would have done it different and somewhere else. Looks like a mobile home park if you look at the other houses.
    This is a guy with a lot of money, a lot of time on his hands and no real job.

  2. And this is why people DON'T build their own houses – OMG, that's alotta work! Gotta say though, it reminds me of my Gramma's house – four rooms, 1 bedroom, yeah it was like that.

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