1 Minute Fish Catch – Homemade Chattering Ned Rig – Lunch Break Bassin'

I took the @zmanfishingproducts Flashback Mini Chatterbait (which comes naked and has no bait keeper) in the 1/8 oz size and I added a skirt from a micro jig laying around. Then I threaded on a Finesse Shadz trailer, and BANG! Finally, a drop or two of super glue to finish the job and keep the trailer and skirt up on the head.

I almost didn’t want to share because this is so effective. If you think about it, it’s a skirted ned rig and a mini chatterbait all in one. That’s 2 different presentations the fish haven’t been seeing!

The finesse shadz tail does 2 things really well: it floats straight up and waves back and forth with the current while resting on bottom, and it also dances beautifully behind a chatterbait, like a fluke and a straight tail worm put together.

There are a lot of ways to work this bait because it is so versatile. Best of all though, this little thing thumps HARD! I recommend fishing is just like a ned rig. Light line (here I’m usinig 15 lb braid to a 6 lb fluorocarbon leader) on a medium power or lighter spinning rod. Try retrieving it with a drag and dead stick, hop and bounce, or straight swim…I’m telling you, once you see it in the water, you’ll have immediate confidence in this bait!

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